Dealing With Disapproval in Your Interracial Dating

Dealing With Disapproval in Your Interracial Dating


If you are in an interracial dating relationship, you may be very happy with your partner but surprised that others dissaprove it and try to talk you out of it. Family may advise you to put an end to it because they fear for your future together, friends may fear for you as well. Everyone may seem to be against your relationship just because of your racial differences.

Sometimes this may be too much to handle until you start thinking of breaking up, but don’t quit, handle it. So how can you handle dissaproval of your interracial relationship? Let’s see the different ways below to help you survive dissaproval while holding on to your relationship.

1. Have a talk with dissaproving friends and family.
Say you inform your friends and family about engaging in an interracial relationship and their reaction is totally unsupportive. They start telling you how miserable your life will be or how your mixed race children will be mocked. Rather than angrily dismissing them and then going your way, try and discuss the issue with them to address their concerns. Yes your relationship matters, but family and friends matter too.

2. Inform your loved ones before meeting them.
You know your loved ones, friends, and family more than anyone else. You know how good or how bad this idea of interacial dating will be to them. Based on how they are, come up with a wise and kind way of introducing your partner to them.

If your loved ones have no problem with interracial relationships because they are open minded or some have gone interracial themselves, you can just surprise them with a visit. If on the flip side, they are socially conservative and the idea of interracial couples has never occurred to them, you might want to sit then down first and inform them about your interracial relationship before letting them meet your partner.

Give your loved ones advance notice to save yourself from awkward moments and reactions when they first encounter your partner. Without prior notice, your mum might be visibly flustered upon meeting your partner from another race. Or, your sister could ask to speak to you in private to grill you about your decision.

These reactions and drama might end up hurting your partner, so to avoid such a situation, inform your loved ones in advance. It is the kindest move for all parties involved, yourself included.

3. Protect your partner.
Don’t inform your partner about every hurtful comment your relatives said about them. Shield your partner from racist, insensitive words. Yes, you should inform your significant other about your family’s dissaproval but don’t give details of what they said.

4. Set boundaries.
Sometimes friends and family may be trying to do everything they can to see your interracial relationship fall apart. They might go as far as trying to hook you up with people from your race. They might even ignore your partner as if they don’t exist and do things to hurt and make your significant other feel uncomfortable. If you are having such drama in your life, it’s time to draw the line.
Make it clear that you are adult enough to make your own decisions and choose your own partner and if they find your partner inappropriate, it’s their problem. Make them understand that they should respect someone you love and care about or they should keep their opinions to themselves. Set ground rules and follow through on them.

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